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jrcrichton asked: I actually like your theme. It's nice.

It fits the theme on my blog, and I didn’t have to code it. So that’s a plus.

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elecscuttle1 asked: Have you ever had to put up with Amiga Fans spamming your tumblr box??

Nope. I’ve only had to put up with a virus blog spamming my submit/fanmail.

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Anonymous asked: Do you like ReactOS?

Yeah, I do. It’s buggy, like all pre-release operating systems are, but I was able to set it up on a virtual machine a while back without too much trouble. (I haven’t used it in a while, though.)

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radiatingpassion asked: How can you live with this theme?

I remember that it isn’t as poorly coded as some other themes I’ve seen (and worked with.) It helps that I don’t actually visit my blog that often. (Though it is a little disoritenting when viewing it on Windows, as there’s two identical taskbars.)

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windows-98 asked: comgratulations on getting on the radar

Oh so that was it
(I’m on mobile so I couldn’t tell were all these people were coming from)

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Windows 98 tips for Macintosh users

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